Dan's Crush | Five Minutes Freewrite


"Yo! What's up, my guy?" Dan asked, fist-bumping his friend, Radar as they met close to the lecture.

"All good, guy. You? It's almost time. Let's sit before Mama G comes in to harass us!" Radar suggested, referring to their strict lecturer and moving to enter the class. Dan quickly held his arm to stall him.


"What is it?"

"She's in class already," Dan said, looking Radar in the eye and expecting him to understand who he was referring to without saying her name. A moment passed before Radar's eyes widened a bit and he peeped through the glass window to glance at their classmate, Ayesha, a slender, beautiful African-American lady.

Dan had a serious crush on her and had been searching for a way to get her attention.

"Guy, what do you have in mind?" asked Radar. Dan glanced at Ayesha again through the window, rubbing his little beard. "I don't know. What do you suggest?

Radar looked at him like he could not believe his ears. "Seriously, guy? You are the one crushing on her. Here, take."

He pulled out a notebook from his backpack. "This is her notebook. I borrowed it yesterday. Why not give her directly and use that to talk to her."

"Great! You are smart." Dan said, grinning. "She's sitting all by herself. I think I'll sit beside her and take her to lunch after lectures."

As they mapped out their plan on how to approach the lovely Ayesha, their stern-looking lecturer, Mama G, walked by them into the class. The young men scrambled after her into the class to grab a seat. Dan realized too late that another classmate was already seated next to Ayesha. His plan to take her to lunch that day was foiled.


I hope you enjoyed reading my piece. This short story is a five-minute freewrite inspired by the prompt "give directly". Join @freewriters community to receive daily prompts, hosted by @mariannewest.

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