A Sip Of Brandy And Second Chances


The cool taste of my brandy on the rocks spreads in my mouth and warms my throat. I press the glass to my cheek and stare at nothing in particular.

The bartender is busy, serving several customers.

I'm a hopeless romantic. The soothing sound of jazz music creates a gentle feeling within me. And I hate it.

I believe in love at first sight and happy endings. But it seems fate has other plans for me. Fresh out of a heart-wrenching break-up, it feels like my world is falling apart.

I turn to the one thing that always makes me feel better - brandy.

"Another one, please," I tell the bartender, downing my drink and shuddering as the warmth spreads through my body.

"Whoa, slow down there. Trying to drown your sorrows?" he asks with a chuckle.

"Something like that," I reply, a little too loudly.

A guy at the other end of the bar, nursing his drink, smiles at me. I stare for a moment. I should be shocked but I'm numb. He brings back memories.

I'm in no mood to talk but I see him walking towards me. Tall, well-built and good-looking, he takes the seat next to mine. "Let's start over. My name's Knot," he says with a grin.

Is this funny? His fine set of white teeth may turn some ladies to jelly (as it once did to me) but I'm immune now.

Hmm. I think I like this feeling. Or maybe it's the brandy numbing my feelings. "I'm not interested in getting knotted," I whisper to the tall stranger, place my glass on the table and slide off my seat.

The audacity! He grabs my naked forearm —sleeveless blouses are my favourite.

"C'mon give me another chance," he says, still smiling.

A calm stare at his sweaty hand on my forearm sends the message. One chance is more than enough.

His smile fades, replaced by a frown.


The cool breeze outside is refreshing. The start of a new chapter.

Life goes on.

Thank you, brandy.

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