Joey's Santa Countdown

Teeny Tiny Joey waited for a whole a year
He even had a countdown on his calendar
Last year he missed his chance, but this time for sure
He will get a glimpse of that man and maybe his reindeers

When December came around, Mum bought an oven
He immediately took the box and waited for when
She’d be free to help him make his hideaway den
Under the tree, behind the lights, the idea was grand

To make it look real, they bought Christmas wrapper
Just to make sure it was all stealth and proper
They wrapped the box and just on the top right corner
They made a tiny hole, so he could peek at Santa

And then it was 24th December, it was the day
Joey had a hearty meal, even ate his vegetables, no complaints
Then when 8.30 came around, Mum told him it was time
To get in the box and wait for Santa to arrive

Teeny Tiny Joey waited for a whole 5 minutes
Felt longer than the last year, but oh so worth it
When he heard Santa’s footsteps and then a hearty laugh
Got a glimpse of white beard and lots of red gut
And then he could have sworn he heard Santa say
"Hey Joey, you have been a very good boy especially today!"


My words (not a thousand ;p) for this picture. If you would like to take part in this challenge, then click on THIS


Images taken from @freewriters' post

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