Resources - Zapfic Writing Contest - Week 125: Prompt: network

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It is #ZapFic! The Longest Running Shortest Story Contest on the blockchain! Results of Week 124 and NEW prompt for Week 125!

Months passed since Det. Troy got the alert.

The face on the sign stared back at him through the window of the cafe.

He'd exhausted his resources for this cold case type.

A year on the job, he wished his contact list was more expansive.

@flaxz initiative @iamalivechallenge: (Creating a post for my blog this day)




What is #zapfic?A short micro fiction story written in 240 characters or less.
Who created it? was the inventor of the hashtag and contest.
What type of contest is it?It's a weekly contest with a big prize pool.
What are the rules?1. Create a post using the #zapfic so can find it;
2. Post must contain 240 characters or less; (Use a word/character counter like this free one ( to check your character count!)
3. Post must be a coherent story;
4. It would be a great idea to link back to the contest post so others may find it should they wish to join;
What do you win?The winnings may vary, so look for's post;
PLUS, every valid entry will get resteemed and upvoted by 50% by his main Hive account.
PLUS, if you post to the Freewriters Community, you will get a 50% upvote from freewrite community.
It’s a contest where everyone wins! So, if you didn’t join in this week, how about participating next week!



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.


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