Sail to Norway /A picture is worth a thousand words

It was her first time traveling by water to Philly, Grace quickly stepped off the boat and landed on the ground, "oh no" she shouted so longing to land on the ground.

Her father was the sailor, the vendors who were traveling on the ship with them also got off, Grace and her father went to the mother who works as a cook in her restaurant.

"Mummy". Grace said running towards her.

"Gracie," she replied. you are here?

"Yes mom"

"How was your trip with your dad"?

mommy it was amazing and scary, because of the storm that daddy's boat encountered in the water.

"Oh, Losa, you haven't aged a bit," Breke said to his wife. teasing her with a playful grin.

"Welcome, darling," she said with a smile that showed her beautiful gap tooth.

"I can see that you and your daughter were having fun in the waters"

"That old ship you mean? It never changes a bit," Breke replied.

They both laugh...

"Take a sit". I have something that would work for both of you.

"Mom, I want to have rice and pepper soup," Grace told her mother.

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While they ate, Breke brought a topic that he will travel to Norway in two days.

Losa changes her face, she doesn't like the kind of work her husband does, Losa feels that Breke should change his occupation, but Breke says no, that he loves to travel through waters and seas.

Losa looks at her daughter, because she could no longer continue in that type of relationship, she feels trapped when her husband is not by her side.

When she needed someone to talk to, her husband would be away from her, in the waters taking calls and controlling compass, it was exhausting for her and she vanished and demanded that they call off the marriage.

Breke gave her permission to do as she pleased. This is where the couple split up, Grace lived with her mother, the father continues to travel on water.

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