A picture is worth a thousand words


Maxwell told his grandchildren when he was the principal of their school, he used this book to write down a few minutes to remember everything that happened each day.

He told them he was old when the authority appointed him as the main teacher so for him not to forget anything he had done each day, this book was what had been saving him, he told them he didn't expect to find these book today, he understands that with this book would remind him of everything he used to do, for him it's like a memory flash back.

said one of them, he has his own jotter, for Maxwell it was something he had to laugh at because during his time he and his friends only know the book as a supporter of Brain, he wrote something he knew he might forget so to support his Brian was necessary.

It wasn't long before their mother asked the kids to come over for a nap, Maxwell felt loved to have his grandchildren's and his daughter come all the way from their house to visit him in the urban area.

He had to dust off his Brain support and held it on his chest and also watched his nap, at night one of his grandchild asked to see the book again.

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