A picture is worth a thousand words

The house was built by the river side, near a thick bush, occupied by a man who lost his wife some years ago, he lived with his son and daughter in the house, his daughter was the eldest child, a man came to marry her and she agreed to marry him.

Rohan did not know that the man who came to marry her was a ghost, she agreed to marry him and after a few times, she found out that it was her husband who killed her father and brother, Rohan's life was in danger, she tried to run away and finally makes her way through, it was her father's house that was built next to the river side she went to, but only to see the house in this condition.

She entered the house but her husband couldn't let her be, he was still chasing her to her father's house, as the house was built on a lonely land, no one could hear when Rohan screamed for help, he tormented her and made her suffer in his hands, what a dangerous time she had to endure.

The ghost man who claimed to be her husband, got the satisfaction of tormenting someone, Rohan cursed him for killing his father and brother, Rohan mustered a strong heart and fought him, she killed him and then parked his husband's remains ghost in the grave where he would riot in hell until eternity.

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