Day 1753 : 5 minutes Freewrite : Wednesday - prompt : exercise ball


I noticed my mother-in-law was surprised to see the exercise ball used by people of her age as she watched the program on TV.
I thought she wanted to try it, so after work that day.
I drove to the store and got her one and also her favorite local cookies.
When I came back, I met her hand washing her clothes.
I encouraged her to use the washing machine more and save herself the stress to enable her rest more. I wanted her to enjoy her stay here, to the extent that she will not like to go back to the village anymore.
I and my husband have already made plans of making her to stay with us permanently, it was becoming a burden for us to travel to the village every weekend.
After much convincing before she agreed to use the washing machine next time.
I gave her the cookies first before the exercise ball.
"And what is this?" she asked referring to the exercise ball.
I was surprised to hear her say that, I thought she liked it.
It was written all over her face that she didn't like the exercise ball.
I was really tired, so I left the exercise ball.
Promising myself to do more talking later, for now we rest.
I came out later in the evening to see her sitting on it feeling more relaxed.
"I love it" she said.
I smiled to myself "Our plans are working honey".

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