Day 1716 : 5 minutes Freewrite : Monday - prompt : completely untrained


Things people experience in a public places are very unpleasant. Sometimes you will wonder if is actually human beings doings or something else.
No, don't think far. These actions are from completely untrained people.
Funny enough mothers invest their time in grooming this set of people to be better individuals, with responsible and well-mannered characters. But most of them have refused to be that, they just chose that annoying part.
Yeah, to them is fun and that is life with the quote "do to please yourself not others".
Urrrgg, dummy.
They forget they are not alive to make life difficult for another person, the world is not asking you to kill yourself.
Is just for you to be responsible for your actions, don't just mess a public place, is not healthy.
And when you generate a communicable disease with your ignorance it will effect that innocent person out there, that haven't done any harm to you.
That's just the circle of life, this public places should be well taken care of please.

This short story is a five-minute freewrite inspired by the Monday Freewrite prompt: "completely untrained". Join the @freewritehouse community to receive daily prompts, hosted by @mariannewest

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