Day 1671 : 5 minutes Freewrite : Friday - prompt : alarm bells


Allow me to tell you a bit about my church alarm bells.

In my church there are different pattern of alarm bells with different meanings.
This is what I have got to know and learn while growing up.
The normal slow bing bing on Sundays is to remind you of the time for each church activities, so that you won't be too late or miss out.
This is always done every hour before the main church service. They ring it repeatedly.
The a bit fast bing bing on other days are for either weddings or burials.
This is when the church is conducting a wedding ceremony or a burial, to alert people around that it is almost time for the event.
While the one that makes people wonder, cry, feel empty and sometimes run to the church fast to know who?, what? and when? is the very fast bing bing.
This represent the death of someone, especially a strong member of the church.
When this is heard it makes the church members empty crying over a prominent member of the church.
This alarm bell is what people pray not to hear each day but others are well appreciated.
Others makes people hurry up to meet up, so that they won't stay a the back seat or miss any activity.

Thanks for reading.

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