Day 1669 : 5 minutes Freewrite : Wednesday - prompt : candidate


Danny was just worried about being selected as the best candidate in his party.
He is always conscious about his life, he warned his wife and children never to misbehave whenever they are outside with people.
To always exhibit good characters and hide the bad ones to avoid ruining his reputation or doing something that will make him loose being selected as the best candidate.
With this he never paid attention to his children well-being and never cared about what they really want, he was only interested in his ambitious.
His fake life made him sale his piece of land to gain favor in one of the influential party member at a cheaper rate.
The day to make the announcement came, he was very nervous and somewhat confident that he will be chosen.
He was so angry and disappointed when they didn't appoint him but called another person.
With annoyance he matched to the party member house he sold his land to, asking him for refund or he should increase his pay.
Which the party refused showing him the signed documents agreement between both of them.
Danny was so dumbfounded, he played a dirty game.
He didn't play his card well, he has lost two important things. He went back to his house to nurse his wound.

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