Day 1649 : 5 minutes Freewrite : Thursday - prompt : house keeping


Domestic housekeeping is mostly done by females in my country, while the institutional housekeeping is mostly done by the male.
Is funny how this setting have been going on for years, from generation to generation.
Okay let me highlight you on one or two believes and well known said words that reins among the citizens.

Females are to keep the home neat and tidy at all times, cook and serve meals should even be their specialty. And shopping for foodstuffs and other things for household use, should not also be overlooked.

When the house is not neat and tidy the blame is on any female in the house.
And to bargain price in the market trying to manage the money given to purchase what the household will use is another task.

Females shouldn't work as an institution housekeeper, let the male gender do it.

This I ask myself at times, why won't females do this? I mean there is cool cash coming from this work.
The reasons I got "it is too dangerous for a lady", "you know males have more manpower than females", "you can't compare a domestic housekeeping to an institutional housekeeping".

With all these Said and done , some still do what they do and like doing best.
Majority of females work as an institutional housekeepers.
While some males are great in the domestic and institutional housekeeping.
Ooooh males I admire those gender a lot.

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