Day 1614 : 5 minutes Freewrite : Wednesday - prompt : richest people



"Richest people zone" Alex read the sign.
He smiled to himself, so those groups are still existing in high school.
He remembered when he was in high school, how he was the leader of such groups in school. This set of group tagged the rich people or wealthy people gang always intimates others. There sole aim is to make others look inferior were them in the group are in a mess.
They act as of they love themselves, always competing with cash depriving themselves peace of mind.
There being rich totally depends on their parents. They have methods used to extort money from their parents.
He remembered when he was the leader, there was another rich kid in the group Ben.
Ben family suddenly went bankrupt and without pity the other group members kicked him out.
They never cared to help him or at least contribute money for him to pay his tuition fees.
When he Alex brought up the issue of at least checking up on Ben the other group members lay insults on him.
He feared telling them to contribute money because he knew they will abuse him with words more, he secretly gave Ben some money.
When they found out about what happened,they kicked him out from the group as well.
They mocked him and Ben whenever there was school party and other things that involved gathering.
When the secrets of each and everyone of them in the group started opening wide, that was the end of such groups until they left high school.
He shaked his head in disappointment, hoping the group he saw is different from what it was during his high school days.
He looked left and right in search of his son.
"hey dad" Danny shouted from afar and happily ran to embrace his dad.

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Thanks for reading my short story.

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