Day 1581 : 5 minutes Freewrite : Friday - prompt : family drama



Brandy, Melville,Lamdi and Reid grow up together as kids, shared and did everything as siblings. Even when they were little each of them had favorites person,they tell their secrets to and always free with them.
Brandy and Lamdi are close, while Reid and Melville clicks as well.
Though they had favorites but there were little so they didn't hold grudges against each other, even one blows the other person's cover by reviewing their secrets.

Years passed,they became matured and big.
They were all girls, Lamdi got married first before Reid, Melville and Brandy respectively.
Brandy had a lot of relationship problem,she couldn't stand the fact that she was the only one among her sisters who is single.
She got married to Marcus to save her pride, Marcus was a liability he wasn't doing anything only milking from Brandy.
Brandy knew very well that she was not happily married but chose to manage to avoid intimidation from the sisters.

During a family gathering organized by their parents. All of them came, everybody with it's family.
Brandy was so uncomfortable with the gathering, she was afraid of the character Marcus could exhibit in the presence of the sisters. She always comes with excuses to avoid such gathering that will involve Marcus.
But these time around,she was out of excuses.

The gathering was awkward, the parents knew something was fishy among their children.
They wanted them to be truthful,come out clean and stop the life of pretence of the sole aim to intimate the other.

Brandy was shocked when she found out that Reid did a contract marriage. Lamdi was divorced for a long time. And Melville marriage was not registered.

This is a 5 minutes Freewrite Friday with prompt "family drama" at the @freewritehouse hosted by @mariannewest.

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