....Of Fire and Water

Whoever said water and fire couldn’t meet to create the most ethereal blend didn’t meet Delia and her kryptonite. When you’re used to moving like a rush, the heat of your fire scalding everyone you come across, you didn’t expect on a warm summer evening to encounter the one whose graces calmed you like water, who soothed your fire with his words and who cooled your heat with merely his touch.

It should have been cataclysmic, the effect he had on Delia. Opposites of different worlds, breeds of contrasting orientations to live and love like yin and yang. It was unspoken that anything tangible would blossom between them. But for Delia and the man she called her kryptonite, the fire in her veins submitted to his will alone and in the same vein, she brought the heat that was needed to sharpen his senses and to awaken a burning need in him to be better. For himself and them both.

What happens when fire and water begin to meet? First, there are the sparks, the sparks of love that seem to ignite so strongly, all around them are enraptured in the love that they share. So pure. Yet so formidable. Their needs and their dreams begin to intertwine, forming a bond so potent, it bamboozles them. What they are sure of, however, is that fate led them there. That each disappointment, each win, each setback, each triumph, led them to that moment when they met on that summer’s evening and they promised each other never to let go.

What happens when water and fire meet, their robust love is overwhelming. Even for them. Delia thinks to herself. “How do I meet a total stranger, and become so emotionally dependent on him, so much that my mind, heart and soul bleeds when he’s sad, it sings when he smiles, it floats like a bird with each word he utters?” And her kryptonite stares into her eyes as he wonders what exactly he did to deserve perfection in the flesh. And he says to himself, “I must have been a saint in my past life. What other reason would the heavens have for blessing me with this perfection?”

What happens when fire and water meet? There are sparks again? But this time, it isn’t any more sparks of unending love. The love still exists but the self-awareness of who they really are opens their eyes to the reality of their situation which was before now blinded by their love for each other. Delia begins to drift away because his cool depths begin to grate on her nerves and her Kryptonite takes a step back because he tried to lean too close like he used to. But this time, he’s singed. Not irredeemably, but singed nonetheless.

What happens when fire and water meet? They are no longer overwhelmed by the puppy dog love that ensued between them in their youth. There’s a more mature understanding of what truly it means for opposites of such great force to love each other. So they drift once more together. Careful enough not to be singed but close enough so that cool breeze and blazing heat can meet without disaster ensuing. But whether or not they’d stay this way remains unknown. For Delia of fire and her kryptonite of water, their journey is only beginning.


Image created by me using NightCafe Studio.

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