Just Before A Storm


Basking in the warm glow of the sunset,

The final rays of the sun remain visible;
Its reddish pink hue so beautiful and bright,

Bathing the sands with that tint of red that pushes the young and innocent-

To leave all cares behind, and roll on the wet sand.
Giving the air a romantic glow.

The perfect atmosphere for young lovers,
To speak their hearts and bare their souls.

But then, just underneath the red sky, dark clouds are looming.

It’s evident that just as the concluding bright day is fading,
A night of raging storm is ahead.

A gust of wind blows, and the sea ripples with waves just threatening to rise.

The waters slowly turn misty, and the rocks that were completely devoid of underlying water,
Slowly become enveloped by the rising tide.

It’s a warning to all and sundry to make haste.

Because the brightest days only gives way to the darkest nights.

And a moment of bliss, is often followed by a lasting time without.

But until then, the land is quiet.

The serenity of the sea is enchanting,

And we have just a few moments left to appreciate the pink sky and a lovely sunset.

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