A picture worth Thousand words.

This contest looks like it week drove down to Africa.


What I see
I see an African beauty, I see African culture been displayed, I see African women promoting the African culture
An African woman who is well respected for her virtue as a black woman.
What I feel
I feel a young lady has been frustrated despite her beauty, her tolerance and her respect for the culture. Her facial expression showed it all as there is no atom of a smile on her face.

The story

Timitope is a beautiful maiden, when it comes to beauty is outstanding among her peers.

Timi a short way of calling her is not only beautiful from the outside but she also possesses inner beauty which includes a good heart and respect and every other you will think of a woman.

Her body structure is another bombshell to talk about every man who wants her hand for marriage but, no she wouldn't think of anyone apart from her poor Tola who is a poor farmer she loved him so much that she can give up anything for him.

But then something spoiled it, Timi is staying with her uncle with his wife and two children, her uncle never liked Tola because he is poor and then has always tried to make her marry a man who is almost her father's age mate just because he is wealthy, not just that he is wealthy and old he also a man with two wives already.

How can I marry this man in particular as she thought of better means to wave that away from her path but the more she thought of a better means the more the day draws closer.

It seems almost impossible as the day is finally here. Timi's heart, beat even faster when she heard that her husband has finally come to take her home, all rights have been done her bride price has been paid.

All she thought of is just Tola but since she is under the custody of her uncle she had no choice but to do that which her uncle has chosen for her even though that's not what she chose for herself.

She could do nothing about it.
She looked helplessly with all the cultural-artistic makeup on her complexion with much pitty showing all over her face.
Out of her will, she finally married a man that is not who she wanted to marry.

The question is will she go to love the man as time goes on.

Will he have peace in his house, Marrying someone forcefully?
Do you think the marriage will last long?
Her facial expression gives answers to all these questions. But it all depends on which question you asked her.

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