Screw Medium, Use Hive


I have had accounts on both Medium and Hive for a few years, about the same amount of time. In the past, I had more views publishing on Medium, but recently my views there have gone to roughly zero.

Before getting in to why I think that is, lets compare a bit. Medium supposedly has 100 million active readers. Hive has 600 thousand active users. I say supposedly for Medium and not Hive because Hive is a public blockchain with public usage data, while we have to take Medium's word for their usage. You may notice another difference if you click the two links above; Medium monetizes through paywalls, while Hive monetizes through likes and user support.

Now, on Medium, I have 145 followers, while on Hive I have 114 followers. So, again, Medium wins in the numbers. From 2015 through 2020, my articles on medium never received less than 42 views, and as many as 1,200. Hive doesn't, actually can't, count views, but that's not important for this topic.


This past month, I started publishing content a few times a week, on topics ranging from nature to tech. While you might argue about which topic might play better with which demographic, the numbers are starkly different. For example, lets look at a generic post, which shouldn't be more popular on either platform: a book review.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post called Books for 2021 and shared it both on Hive as well as on Medium.

On Hive, my post has been upvoted 56 times earning me $3.06.


On Medium, my post has been viewed zero times, and obviously has not had any engagement.


What happened?

Well, in this blog post, I recommend a book called Virus Mania. This book is critical of the mainstream narrative about COVID-19. I also recently published articles critical of BLM and Fauci.

Is Medium burying me with their algorithms? You be the judge. One thing is for sure, though, Hive is more real and more fair. Get off of old, corporate platforms, and get on to the free internet. Stop being sold, and start earning what you deserve.

Use Hive. If you haven't signed up yet, please use this link, and I'll receive a referral bonus

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