When a Nation Requires Revolution

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In order to describe an occurrence that occurred in Nigeria and is likely to spark a revolution, I chose to share this experience with the community.

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Since I'm from Nigeria, I'm aware that many people might not want to hear or even listen to me.

Well, a few times I've been given contracts to complete jobs. However, whenever I mention my country as a Nigerian during an interview or when I'm asked where I'm from, the contract is terminated, and I am unable to speak the lies claiming to be citizen of another country whereas my complexion has defined me already.

I want to emphasize that not all Nigerians are terrible. I don't think it's right to defend the wicked, but it's likely politicians who are involved in defaming Nigerians. They are motivated by wickedness and evil, not by the needs of the masses.

Let's get to the information I know regarding why a nation like Nigeria needs a revolution

People have been sobbing and suffering to survive for a very long time in a nation that has all it takes to provide for the needs of all of its residents. We have been on the dark side for long. Notwithstanding the advanced age, the incumbent elderly politicians (the cartel) would wish to remain in office. They define corruption in their politics in a precise and formal way. The fact that an elderly guy who is unfit to lead from both the APC and PDP parties manages to ascend to the throne left me underwhelmed.

You are wealthy enough that the majority of your resources could support the whole country, yet due to your greed, these resources don't seem to please you despite having mountains of cash sitting about collecting dust. They still require additional funds for their wicked purposes. And hence find their way into politics to carry out their plan.

The country is left in huge debt yet old politicians dont wants to accept a productive man who will help to lease the debt burden.
Old politicians still want to go into politics, which worries me because it's possible to do the right thing even if you're corrupt; you can offer a ratio of your corruption to effectiveness on a 50% to 50% scale, but they instead want to play games of corruption scale of 300%, putting young people's futures at risk. It's imperative that the young people take the reins since it's difficult to make up lost time.
This has made it necessary for all of us to take action and free our dear nation of Nigeria from the control of wicked and dishonest politicians.

The following justifies why Nigeria would have a revolution as soon as possible:

People are worn out

Before to taking office, our politicians made us promises of gold, but all of them turned out to be false. We don't need any more promises; just allow the proper person to rule. so that the appropriate actions may be taken to improve people's lives.

People are affected

Look at the current unemployment rate in the nation; there are a ton of young people sitting at home without jobs, women turning to prostitution against their will in order to put food on the table, and old men are still working in offices, producing results that are ineffective and not what they should be. A revolution is therefore necessary in order for the young to have a voice in their country.

People needs change

It's time for young minds to enter the tech system in order to provide the best ideas needed for inventions, but the old men are there comfortable with the old and strict method of handling issues. This is because of the speed at which innovation is explored in our world today, with artificial intelligence at its peak.

The head of the Nigerian electoral commission assured us that the voting system would be biometric-based, but the majority of polling places instead employed a manual ballot-writing method, which allowed the chairman to engage in high-level corruption.


Many lives may be lost as a result of the inevitable life-or-death conflict between the young and the elderly, avaricious politicians. Despite the technology we have, young people lag far behind. Nigerian youngsters can design a software-based solution to make biometric voting simple and transparent to all residents. Nobody will want to go through the anguish of putting in a lousy administration that will continue for the next four years, in my opinion.

I implore each and every reader of this article to participate in the plan to alter Nigeria once more. Pray for those who will risk their lives to make their nation better. Please refrain from disparaging Nigeria because it is effective.
With the help of our Lord Jesus's grace, Nigeria will once again be a great nation.

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