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“Eric were are going to dressed so hot and charming” Louis asked him.
“Guy there is this very beautiful girl I have chatting with online mehn she is something else, today will be the first day of meeting her so I have to look good”. Eric responded with a big broad smile
“You mean it is because of a girl that you are dressing all well like this? A girl that you just saw online? Guy don’t you know that it is very risky. What if she is a kidnapper or she is a ghost or a killer. Have you not heard stories of this kind of event and people are killed or kidnaped? You need to be very careful oo or something might happen to you.” Louis said trying to advice Eric.
Eric got upset with what Louis said if you were not my friend I know what I would have done to you. What kind of annoying talk is that na. Abeg carry your jealousy somewhere else. He said in angry and stormed out of the house]
Eric and Louis have been best friends from their Jss1 till date. They have been living together since their university days. They happened to be working for a big construction and were earning well. Unlike Louis, Eric was a loud type that loves extravagant spending as well as womanizing
Eric drove out of the compound and was heading for Oxford Street. He had never been there before but he use Google map and the girls’ description to get there.
He got into the compound the girl asked him to come to; it was very dark and lonely so he put on his head lamp. The house he saw was an uncompleted apartment. He called her and she said that she was coming out but he should off the light to avoid attention and he agreed. She took a longer period of time that expected to come out so Eric stepped out of the car and before he knew what was happening he was surrounded and a gun pointing to his head
“Get into the car” a hoarse male voice commanded him. He got frighten and in fear he jumped into the car.
“Start the engine of this car” a soft sweet feminine voice sitting by his side said to him. As he turned it was the girl he had been chatting with online. He knew he had gotten into internet trouble. As he recalled the words Louis said to him before he left their apartment. He just drove in silence and trembling in fear he awaited fate

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