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Don't we all have our own pattern of life? Some patterns have terms to them. Like, some habitual action for example pouting the lips, swiping the hair, rubbing your nose, rubbing your eyes, etc, and I forgot what's the specific term for these action. Apart from this, we have a slang here, it says "so many patterns" in our language, 'banyak pattern nya' to describe a person (especially childen) who shows explicit action in his or her reaction towards a situation. Haha, I guess our parents' slang, I am not too sure too, but I heard parents around like to use this phrase on their children.

You banyak (alot) of pattern lah!


Photo is taken from, captured by Praewthida K

Personally, I love patterns — the decoration patterns, patterns of wall, floor, lights, blouse, skirts, ceiling, basically patterns on anything. That's also one of the reason I love art and craft, drawing and collage.

Whenever I go out for a walk with my husband, he notices pattern catches my attention. When I was young, if there were squares patterns on the floor, I would like stepping in the squares while I walked, so my parents would find me behind them few steps because I was busy trying to 'fit' my feet into those squares while I walked. Kind of like I could only walk on squares. Haha!

I tried my best not to do it now. But, hilariously, my eldest son is doing it now. It is fun when we were at slow, no-rush walking at malls, but if we were in a hurry, it could be irritating. Like there was once, he stopped walking because the next square pattern was too far away, he could not step, so he was trying to find other substitute. Talking about revolution, his 'obsession' towards pattern was more advanced than mine. How much patience my parents possessed those times.

Anyway, one of his favourite art class was doing this pattern-drawing. So called abstract pattern. His teacher told them to draw any pattern, it could be random shapes or numbers, repeating them to form patterns or anything, basically filled up the whole piece of paper with patterns and coloured them. I had never seen so much patience in him when came to schoolwork except this one, took him 3 hours to think, draw and colour.


Teacher complimented him on this art, even showed to the whole class. I love this pattern art of his too!




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