LOVE | Marriage 101: The Why's?

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Good day, hivers a month ago I shared about the sanctity and how to keep the spark of the relationship especially married life. Today, let me share also the complications of marriage.

Somehow after being married, let say maybe 2 to 3 years after our truest self is revealed. Then your why's become a cycle? hahhahašŸ¤£
If you are reading this and intrigued by the content, you should continue reading! There were times you don't even know the person anymore, like a stranger in the night, where you ask yourself is this the same person I got married to? So many why's that I can't even fill in the blank. Financial problems are on the top of the list, then you begin to doubt and question things. Trust becomes an issue!

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Well, all of this is normal. Yes! My mom once said "being married isn't what makes the relationship stronger", but it's how you handle the "why's". Are you shocked as me? I struggled for years working on how to keep my marriage, what will happen to the children, what will happen to me? Stress comes in, and my whole world begins to fall.

I've seen so many marriages that have failed, and one thing I noticed is that they get tired to handle the "why's". From then, I started to weigh things right. I keep my head out to control my feelings, sometimes you have to learn not to be so emotional and just let things happen on their own. There would be a time in our marriage that love is not how it used to be, painful right? We should learn to face the facts that through the length of time you have been together, you outgrow each other. This should not be an issue, for it's just a phase, and most of the time you get over it. Love is not just about happiness, sex, and money, but you should understand that sometimes it gets complicated, trust even you doubt, laugh even when it is painful. I also realize that this is what I want, a family, a husband but it just needs a lot of work. Every day in married life is a journey, a challenge you have to keep on choosing and fight for the love you were once crazy for!

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Patience & humility is the key, I salute all couples who choose to be together for the rest of their days. To love and be married takes a lot of effort and work, and it should be willingly made by both parties. Lastly, you are willing to take the risk of all the "whys", because the person you are married to is still the same person you fell in love with.

Stay tuned for more, for love, life and all-in-between are just around the corner!

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