Fashion and Culture Around the World | UN Dresses for my Daughters | Atasha was crowned Miss UN as a Representative of Tunisia

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My love for fashion takes the World! October is the month for United Nations Celebration, a time to dress up my kids with their assigned nation. I don't take these events for granted, I am very competitive in this field. I love dressing up my daughters, I see myself through them.

I take things in perspective, from the motifs, colors, and details of the dress, somehow I could be a designer. My kids often ask me, "Mom you should join the contest", funny but true. I am more excited than them, maybe if I was given the chance during my younger years, I may have joined as well.

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So let me take you to different countries around the world through their dresses! @kcwonders represents the United Kingdom when she was 4 years of age, then Spain when she was 5,and finally Japan when she was 6 years old. How cute she was during this time, she does not complain at all, even the dress is itchy at times. I am a Stagemom and I like to be in charge when it comes to these costumes. I had a hard time making the UK dress for KC because there were lots of materials to be purchased. It took about a month to make the dress. It was hard but it's so worth it seeing the final dress and especially when my daughter wore it. I am a very happy Mom! For Spain and Japan costumes, having learned a lesson from the previous UN year, it was a bit easier preparing the costumes this time.

My other daughter Atasha also represents these countries through her dresses. She was assigned to represent Mexico when she was 4, then Thailand when she was 5,and lastly Tunisia when she was 6. Having experienced preparing costumes for my eldest KC, it was easier to prepare for my youngest Tasha. I am proud to share that our Atasha has crowned Miss UN when she was 6 and represented Tunisia. Our lovely little girl brought home the crown! My niece also joins the contest daughter @sassycebuana.

I adore my daughters for being respectful, loyal,and obedient at all times.
My daughters are my wind beneath my wings, my weakness,and my strength. They give so much joy to our family, they are the glue that holds the everlasting love through tough times. Even with the situation right now, very stressful and boring. Going through old photos like these, makes them smile and be amazed at how they grow from time to time.

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Akiesha and Atasha have a 7-year gap, they don't agree most of the time since they have different want's but mostly the "äte" @kcwonders adjust. I always remind them that sisters should love, respect, and understand each other, even when they grow up they should look out for each other.

Thank you again fellow hivers for the time, where love, life, and all in-between are just around the corners. Have a great week ahead!

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