A Confident One : A Freewrite

One day she was in the kitchen and she saw the clock. It was only 8:30 in the morning and her mother told her that it was time to go get ready for school. She couldn’t believe what time it was; she thought it was much later than that. She also started reading books, learning more about our culture. She got to know better the people who surrounded her and she became more confident in herself. She started to feel like she was living a normal life again. She started seeing a therapist who helped her through the tough times. The therapist also told her that if she wanted to get better, then she had to start writing down what happened and how she felt while it was happening. She became very involved in the community and began to do many things. She was elected to the local school board and then started running for state office.

The people loved her because she was so energetic and willing to help them with their problems. She also started to learn on how to control her powers and use them when needed. She could shoot laser beams from her eyes, make things float in the air, and create strong gusts of wind with just a wave of her hand.

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