The Wandering : A Freewrite

Romanus was always consistent. Each day blended seamlessly into the next, and her life seemed as uneventful as the dull gray walls of her cabin. He was content, but a painful feeling deep down told him that there should be more to life than that unified 9-to-5 job and evenings in front of the television.

With its high-rise buildings and busy streets, the city he called home had long lost its beauty. Romanus often looked forward to walking outside his office window, into something that would break the cycle of predictability.

One fateful afternoon, as rain gently pelted his office windows, Romanus decided it was time for a change. He couldn’t bear the thought of being locked in a room for another day, answering emails and participating in mind-numbing meetings. He needed something more, something to stir his soul.

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