Growth! ZapFic Monday Contest

The Palace of Bread, bakery of recognized prestige for the variety and presentation of different types of bread. All change, the sick chief baker and died took his secret to the grave. Now the bread does not growth. Wanted new chief baker.




Please post to the Freewriters Community.
Please use #freewritehouse and #zapfic tags.
Please use a word/character counter (if you search for word counter on the internet or in your phone's app store you will get a big choice!) and include a screenshot. This makes it easier for you and me!
Please use the prompt provided as you see fit (use your imagination)
You have 3 days (until Thursday 23h59 GMT) to post a Zapfic (a story written in 240 characters or less) using the prompt given.
Try to tell a complete story if you can!
The story should only be 240 characters long (including spaces)
Please note it is a story with 240 characters (letters, full stops, spaces, etc) NOT words!
Prompt: "fire"

I invite @wandrnrose7 @hlezama


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