No feeling - Friday Freewrite prompt

Hezel gives Esther a cake he has made for her, to show her how much he loves her, if Esther would accept to be his wife, he would run around his city and show everyone that he had found the love of his life, because having her in his arms all night would surely make him happy, but Esther has shown no signs of accepting him.

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She had told him so many times that she had no feelings for him, Hezel refused to give up, he had begged Esther to accept him that he would give her all his wealth in the future when he became a rich man, Esther still refused to love him.

Hezel felt bad about being rejected by the woman he loved, he locked himself at home and thought why his own love story is different, Hezel believed that love has no place for him.

His feelings began to close down, turning him into a hard man who no longer cared to reason about most things, Hezel changed and the family he belonged to noticed his behaviour.

Most people who know him well understand what he is going through, Hezel wanted to take his own life, his sister Kate who was hanging her clothes in the rope close to his window saw his stupid act, she ran and informed neighbours.

People came and advised him not to take his own life no matter what he was going through, control your feelings Hezel, nature will find you who is yours, be cheerful and keep on living.

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