A picture is worth a thousand words

Image source Pic is AI generated by @wakeupkitty for this contest.

She has the beauty and everything I need
She is sparkling like an armour
But the issues continues
She has this inner powers
Anyone that See's her must fall to the ground

I didn't know how she did it
But the power was coming from the inside
she doesn't need to touch anybody to fall
I was beginning to think twice
If this is the lady I want for myself

people ran away by seeing her from a distance
because they don't want to fall without a break
whenever we walk on the street it will be just the two of us
sometimes I felt her powers shaking the plants
my mother will not agree to this relationship I must choose my road

I will not choose a girl over my mother that isn't right
but I love the girl too and I can't let her go
she has everything I need in a wife
Others fall by seeing her but when it comes to me
she is rather my shield

she would do the same for my mother
I love both my mother and my wife to be
happiness in me is from her side that's derived
my mother grown me to be a better man

My people is my people
the one I choose to be my partner is my partner
I will not and I will never set boundaries
everyone are important

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