A picture is worth a thousand words - A kid on a bicycle

The parents knew he was a bright child, who does things on his own, the father bought him a bicycle, the child always has this mindset to master how to ride the bicycle on his own so well.

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It was an automatic bike, which had a hand control, immediately the boy sat on it, the bike took him places, he had fun.

One Saturday evening, around 5:52 PM, the boy took the bike out, he wanted to ride, his mother saw him and told him not to ride the bike at night, so that he wouldn't get hurt in the dark.

The boy thanked his mother and followed her to the house, he left the bicycle outside, that night, there was a heavy rain that accompanied the storms that uproot trees. In the morning he went to look for his bicycle but, he found it broken and a big tree trunk fell on it.

The boy did not like that his bicycle stopped moving, when his father came home at the weekend, he told him about the incident with his bicycle, the father bought him a new bicycle, no longer automatic, but the kind that he would be the one to ride it with his legs.

The boy practised it and became a good rider, never again allowing his bike to be outside, so that trees wouldn't fall and break it.

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