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She feels the inheritance power talking to her, It was his father's handwork and she inherited it without knowing who she was, Sera had no idea of her power's untill it was time.

People were leaving the land's, because destruction was the same things everyone's keeps complaint of and business were not moving in the way it should.

In the community where Sera hailed from, It was remaining only few people and those one's had no where to go, among these people Sera was included.

So, on this day so kind, she enters the backyard of their house and she saw the yam she planted was dying, tears was dropping from her eyes because she knew not what was happening to their land.

As a community lived by food crop's alone, there was no money to buy the things they need, life became tougher.

On that day, she experience that her crop's was not yielding any seeds, she slept totally empty that night, it was hurting on her belle.

In the night, she was half sleep and half awake, on that same night, she had a nightmare where she saw elderly men having meeting in one side of the compound and a man in their midst looks just like her father.

She also saw children's jumping with each other and two of the children's resemble his neighbor's children's.

She felt a strange feeling in the nightmare but was still watching each group of people with their activities.

Later on, the elderly men talked and points their hands towards her, it was not like they were calling out for her.

Sera then wakes up and think about who can better explain the nightmares to her but in a community where most of the dream interpreters has flee the town who was there to answer her questions.

Her father was a sorcerer and as she was the only child, the duty was pass on to her, but since she was so young when her father passed away, the role was left unpracticed.

Sera grow up and the gods tried to talk to her but she was resisted to obey what they said then the punishment was on the whole land.

It was just for her to asked the predicament on the land to stop and everything will be settle, when Sera learnt of who she was, she speak and do what she must to do, that was when everything came back to life.

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