A picture is worth a thousand words

I have heard many stories about the cave beside the ocean in Singapore, when I visited the country, I couldn't controls it anymore but to visit the cave and see for myself, the cab man that took me there was on a charter, so I asked him to come along, just as I have heard, the cave was just the same, with bedrocks and awesome living stones.

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I forget to go there with a camera, since I will have love to show the awesome cave to my dear friends in Nigeria, when I went back home, happily, just this morning, I check on the freewriters community, here on hive and I saw the cave, as a contest to write on, seeing this cave has successfully reminds me of my visit to Singapore, the lovely environment and all the activities I enjoyed there in the country.

I would never stopped to visit Singapore maybe in the future, so that to come back here on freewriter community on hive and see more of the pictures I couldn't took there, the bedrocks that looks like a bedrooms are still the same, the entrance of the cave are still the same, I can see the water which splashes as ice clearly shown here.

Is like I can teleport to this place now and feel the cool breeze that the cave send, the individuals living in this territories visit the cave in the rainy season and picked some snail's, crab and big fish, that is the number one reason this cave is so popular in recent days.

Nature has blessed these individual with a beautiful place like this, which they can spent time with family, and celebrates birthdays with loves ones.

This is my entry in the #pic1000 by freewriters, all statement in the writing are not true but made for the purpose of this contest, thanks.

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