5 minutes freewrite - made-up syndrome

The dog was so stubborn, he went out and freighten to bite a woman who was sweeping her house, two elderly men saw what the dog wanted to do and chased the dog, throwing stones at him, the woman got scared and fell to the ground, the dog ran back to the house.

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He took up his normal position, as if he was not out to cause trouble in someone else's house, the two men who saw what happened, came and made a report of what my dog had done to a woman who was sweeping her house.

I went to the dog and he was sleeping, as if he never gone out, I was surprised, why does the dog behave like trouble itself, every time he finished causing trouble, he will assume a make-up syndrome.

I heard report of my dog causing troubles in the past, but I did not believe it, because the people involved did not come and make a report, for me to identify them.

But this time, I will not leave the dog alone to go free, I don't want a dangerous dog, that behave like a lion, with a make-up syndrome, the dog can pretend so much, after having caused trouble.

I will sell the dog to people that go for hunting, he is a wild type, let him join hunting squad.

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