5 minutes freewrite - Long Sentence

The teacher gave us few minutes to complete the test, time was not on my side, so I saw no reason why I should do long sentences, I give short answers to all the questions, that makes me hand in my paper earlier.

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The teacher was surprised, because I arrived late to class, still I became the person who handed in his paper first, he thought I had written nonsense, but when he took a look at my paper, he was convinced.

He finished marking it and brought us the exam results, I got a score of sixty-eight out of a hundred, it was the best score in the class, the teacher was not amused that some students only got an average mark in the test.

So he double our class days, he gave us lessons on Saturdays to help his students understand their subject.

He was doing something good for us, because those classes he arranged, he was helping a lot in the students' understanding of the subject.

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