Possibilities - A Picture Poetry

The freewrite house is here again with another contest in which we are asked to explore the world of creativity by writing a story or a poem with a picture provided. Well, good enough for me I am used to writing poetry from a glance at a picture so here goes my response to the contest.



What I See - An abandoned room covered with cobwebs and dirt, a table holding down metal parts and containers, cracks in the wall, a dirty curtain, an abandoned field, and photography which makes it possible for me to see outside the room.

What I Feel - Desolation and afterward, Possibilities of recreating a new and colorful environment with the urge to make all things look alive again.

Now to my entry:

Possibilities - A Picture Poetry

Cobwebs loom on the surface of a once desired abode
Like a dessert, no flesh nor blood could be found

The room, now filled with contaminated air to its brim
The windows screamed to creak open

A strong wave of desolation stings me
Wishing to unsee every bit of the environment

Dirt litters all over the table
Like a lonely ranch, unkept

Containers and metals lay in their numbers
Like a leper without hope of rising

The old walls begin to give some cracks
And the dirty linen would speak if it had a voice

Another look and my bones would go fragile
Crying for lost memories of those who had lived there

Feeling of emptiness may lie where dreams may have died
But passion burns still

And because possibilities are endless
A grey home could be made bright and beautiful again

With colors, the trees and field will live again
And with life, lovely photographs would be made memories

For an abandoned home,
Can be recreated in every possible way.

Image from unsplash

Thank you @martinelch for taking the first photo. It made me write without stopping. I'm grateful to @freewritehouse for their support to free writers. And now I invite @ubani1 to join in this contest.

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