A Sweet Revival - My Entry For The 6th #ZapFic50Friday.


Hello, Zapficers. It has been a long time writing with everyone and I sure missed it. Good thing I came across the Zapfic writing tonight even though it seems to have taken a form different from the one I used to engage in.

In all, I am glad to be writing with you all again and below is my entry inspired by the prompt word "sucker."


  • My life may have been like a shattered mirror whose pieces cannot be welded together, a song with lyrics that make no meaning. But my first visit to the church after long years ignited a sweet revival in my soul, that I no longer care being called a gullible Christian.

It was a quick writing which I ended up loving and I hope you find meaning while you read. Do well to join the contest Here before the deadline.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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