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It was almost dawn when Zoey got out of bed to go for a run where she would visit a newsstand which is always her daily routine. After she had run for close to an hour, she went to her favorite newsstand by the street opposite her residence. She always picks the Camden Gazette newspaper as it was her favorite.

"Looking for the Camden Gazette newspaper?" said a man dressed in a well tailored suit, expensive leather shoes and a navy blue tie.

Zoey look at him intensely and said, "Em, yes please!". The man handed over the copy to her and introduced himself as Maverick Paul.

"Nice to meet you Maverick" Zoey said while she giggled.

"Don't mention it, I am sorry, but is there a chance I see you here tomorrow?" he asked.

"Of course, I do come here to read the newspapers before going to work." Zoey replied.

"It's a date then?"

Zoey bit the side of her lip while she nodded in agreement. She thought, who is this guy? He is so unusual. Asking me to a newsstand date? Well let's see what he's got under his sleeves. With that thought, Zoey paid for the Camden Gazette copy and juggled back to prepare for work.

From that day onward, Zoey and Maverick always meet at the newsstand everyday before departing to their workplaces. This became their routine that people began to notice the connection and vibe between them and the vendor of the newsstand regarded them as constant regulars.

Zoey and Maverick fell in love. The newsstand was the place where they could loosen up, exchange ideas, read together and strengthen their friendship bond. On a fateful day, the newsstand became the place where Maverick proposed to Zoey and she said yes.

As a married couple, they didn't let anything stop them from keeping to their newsstand dates every morning. As they continued with this routine, it didn't grow them apart but rather it made them bond more. As many years passed by, they had children and grew old together.

On their 50th anniversary, their children, Mark, Jane, Victor and Stella planned a surprise date for their parents. They bought the newsstand in their name and had plans to keep in the family to honor their parents. Zoey and Maverick both were thrilled with the present, it was a surprise to them and they both promised each other that day to always keep to the newsstand date, in sickness, in health, in good and in bad times. That was the vow they took as they both celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.


Describe what you see
What I see in this picture are two couples who have been married for years and have one routine they share together everyday.

Describe what you feel
I love this picture, it makes me feel that when there is real and honest friendship and bond, there will be peace of mind in that relationship. Also, I feel a strong bond of companionship in the picture.

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