The Princess Of Persia

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Ozua journeyed across many Lands, across forests and rivers, his steps were that of a bold and daring young man, his waterskin hanging loosely around his neck, with the animal skin bag containing pieces of stale bread. He held on tightly to the parchment, worn and faded from many years of use, which held cryptic symbols and ancient scrolls pointing the way to Mountain Ariaria.
It was a treacherous journey but Ozua pressed forward, his determination fueled by his great love for his mother.

His mother had been infected with a strange virus which had defied All conventional remedies, leaving her as bedridden and as the dying embers of a once flaming fire. The mysterious virus had eaten deep into her so much so that the woman who had given him everything and who meant everything, lay on her bed, languishing, with just a few months to live.... That is, if a cure is not found soon. And his only hope was .... If he could get to Mountain Ariaria and pray to the Lord of the Universe, who would send Imraq, the messenger of light to bestow upon him the favour of healing, then and only then can his mother be made whole.

In the heart of a mystic forest lay the sprawling Mountain Ariaria, surrounded by an unquenchable fire burning day and night. It was a Prayer Zone, and a lot of miracles and strange happenings have been recorded there. But many seekers have been turned away from receiving the favour of healing by the Princess Of Persia, and many never made it in there or out.

Princess Of Persia was a vision of regal beauty, draped in purple silk, with intricate patterns of gold trimmings. Her Crown shimmered with the brilliance of many precious stones and wherever she went, the clouds and the skies followed closely. But despite her captivating appearance, she was the enemy of Man and Creation. Though her eyes were the purple colour of gemstones, they were ice cold, sending shivers down the spine of anyone who dared to gaze into it. Her heart was evil and she would use her powers to manipulate the prayers of seekers All over, to ensure that they never received answers from the Lord Of The Universe. She fiercely guarded the secrets of the Mountain from the outside World.

Ozua knew the story of the Mountain and of the Princess but he cared less. Propelled by love and armed with great grit, he pressed forward, there was no going back now, only onward.

At last he stood at the foot of the burning Mountain, falling on his knees, he fervently prayed for his mother's healing, willing to risk everything for his mother, his only beacon in this wicked World. He would not leave until he received. While he prayed, he braced himself for an encounter with the Princess Of Persia.

And there she stood before Ozua in all her regalty, which was only a disguise of her true nature of wickedness, her face a mix of humour and cynicism as she addressed Ozua;

"Why do you disturb the sanctity of this Mountain with your useless prayers? Why do you come here on a wild goose chase, a venture in hopelessness?

"My prayers are for the woman who gave me life to receive her healing, it's not a hopeless or useless venture, I am here to succeed and I would do anything to do that", Ozua vehemently replied her.

"How dare you challenge me, you miserable thing?, I will not allow your prayers to go any further, neither will I allow you get answers from the Lord of the Universe. Your mother will surely die, she will die........ Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha " her laughter echoed through the whole Mountain.

This angered Ozua greatly and he raised his voice louder in supplication, tears streaming down his eyes as he remembered his beloved mother wasting away from the terrible disease, and in severe pains.

Suddenly there was a light, a dazzling and blinding light, like Ozua had never seen and he smiled, his heart bursting with Joy, Imraq was there, the Lord Of The Universe has heard his supplications and sent His light.

The Princess appeared, the Mountain trembled and with a cackling of two different energies, a battle ensued, between the Princess and the Messenger Of light, Imraq. It was sore, it was grievous but it was the radiant light that shattered the Princess's wall of resistance.

Then enshrined in Imraq's light, Ozua was handed a ball of dazzling light;

"Ozua, your fervent prayers have been answered and I have been sent by The Lord Of The Universe to bring you the light, the Princess Of Persia tried to resist me but I won. Touch your mother with this light and she will be healed, she's fifty years now, I have added another forty, go in peace".

Ozua's mother was healed and she lived a healthy and fulfilled life. She died at a good old age of ninety years, surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The End.

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