Electric Enchantress

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It was a bright and sunny morning and the girl played in the sand, with her delicate hands, she gathered the grains, shaping them into intricate designs. Her mother watched affectionately as she wove the grains of sand into different patterns, she knew they were not just patterns or designs, they were a language she herself could neither read nor understand but one thing she knew for sure; The rains would come with great thunderstorms and lightning tonight.

Mima was no ordinary child, she possessed powers that set her apart from the other children, she could command the elements, summoning gusts of wind and showers of rain with just a flick of her wrist. Her affinity for lightning and how she could make bolts of electricity dance on her fingertips was a continual source of wonder to her parents and the entire villagers.

She was born on the night of the greatest thunderstorm that ever happened in the Land of Rumoka but the parents thought nothing of it until she started exhibiting very strange characters along with some even stranger powers.

Most often, Mima would be found frolicking in the rain but they still thought nothing of it.

Then one day, with Mima in the garden, the Skies were dark with the ominous sign of a heavy Storm, her mother went outside to take her in. Then she saw her walking out into the open as if drawn by an invisible force, her eyes fixed on the darkening Clouds above. With a sudden gust of wind, she raised her chubby hands towards the heavens.

That was when it happened ; a bolt of lightning arched from the sky, cackling and sizzling as it danced between Mima's outstretched hands. With a strangled cry, her mother lurched forward to save her toddler from the storm's fury but was jolted back by millions of volts of electric current and flung onto the haystacks, far away from Mima who was revelling in the radiance of the lightning, so unaware of the electric bolt that coursed through her mother when she touched her.

Fortunately no harm was done and no bones were broken but the parents were startled and decided to visit the high priest for consultations. As soon as they entered his hut, he looked upon Mima and went down on his knees in worship. It was a spectacle as the old man bowed before a toddler in obeisance.

"You are welcome, you said you would come but I didn't know you were already dwelling in our midst".

This startled her parents even more as he performed one ritual after the other, with deep incantations, to adore the little girl... The electric enchantress... The daughter of the Storms..... The saviour of Rumoka...Then the priest turned to them and said,

"Your daughter is not just of the earth, but a child of the storms, sent by the goddess of thunder, she's the Storm that will destroy Dein and drive him out of our River and out of this Land."

"But pray that her heart be protected, against feelings capable of destroying her and thwarting her mission, go and protect her against Dein, Go... Goo...., Gooo...", his voice reverberating through the neighbourhood.

River Dein rumbled in anger, a sinister entity who ruled in the River which has left destruction and death in its wake. He was a blood sucking demon.

Many years ago the River was a peaceful one, ruled by a beautiful goddess, the only source of water in the village, even children played on its bed. It is famed that Dein through seduction and deceit, captured the heart of the river and held it in captivity. Now the River possessed by Dein had posed a danger to the inhabitants of the land, with many swallowed up in its depth of destruction and the villagers having to recourse to getting their water from the neighbouring village, which was quite a distance away.

Years passed by, with Mima ensuring that with her rain and storms, the villagers always had water without traveling far. It was not yet time for the final confrontation.
She has now grown into a very beautiful young woman, humble and kind, loved by the villagers and looked upon as their saviour.
She was out in the field when she suddenly felt a presence. She turned around to behold the most handsome man she had ever seen. He had a brooding allure and a mysterious aura , charming young man and Mima was immediately captivated.

"I am Di", he simply said as he offered his hand for a handshake, his eyes twinkling.

"I am Mima", she replied as he grasped her hand in a seductive handshake.

The End.

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