The pirate: A picture is worth a thousand word

"Why are you smiling, Captain?" Philip asked Andrew who couldn't contain his happiness.

"It's been long i drove this lady"

Philip laughed, captain Andrew was fond of addressing his ships as ladies.

"You've not changed, I thought the war had broken you".

Captain Andrew placed his hands on Philip's shoulder as they walk on the upper chamber of the ship,

"War doesn't change us, it only helps us become better survivors," Captain Andrew said as he threw a fishing rod into the river.

"Let's drive south, we have less pirates along that coast to worry about" Philip suggested. After the war, there were few of the kanuri tribe left in the village, the barbarians invaded their land and settled there. The few survivors in fear, decided to travel far from their hometown. Among the survivors were Andrew and Philip. They had met in a ship going toward Capernaum in which Andrew was the senior captain.

" I learned pirates also rob passengers along the south," Captain Andrew said.

"That was before the invasion ".

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At midnight, Andrew heard footsteps coming from the inner chamber of the ship where the passengers' goods were loading. He checked the time, it was 2:00AM and wondered who was still awake at that time of the night.

"Control the ship Rufus, let me go check who's there"

He shone his torch alone the way

"Who's there?" He kept asking as he got closer to the room.

He woke up a few minutes later with a bleeding head feeling dizzy. His vision was blurry but for a moment he could see people on black dragging out some goods from the ship into another one. He tried to stand but his body was hurt, the last thing he remembered was him going toward the room.

"Thieves! Thieves!" He heard people shouting as if coming from a distance.

Philip had told him no pirates he thought. He passed out and woke up that morning with an empty ship.

"I thought you said...."

"I know" Philip replied, "it seems we can't predict where danger awaits".

"Glad my ship wasn't taken, we continue to become these survivors " he chuckled as they continued to drive south.

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