The Mini-market: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

After the last daughter of Mr and Mrs Scott got married, the house became so lonely for them. She had been their only friend who kept them company because they had no friends nor neighbors living around them in the outskirts of the town.

"We can't continue to sit idle all day while growing weak, I suggest we start up something" Mrs Scott suggested. Mr Scott had no problem with being idle, he felt he needed enough rest having retired as a soldier. But then He knew objecting her would only lead to a fight, he sipped his coffee one more time and held the coffee cup firmly

"So, what have you thought of?" He asked, his eyes still glue to the television.

"Sell our old clothes," she replied. Knowing what he would ask, she Immediately pointed at some piles of clothes. He sighed.

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He felt it was a nice idea, they had a lot of clothes they had not worn and age doesn't give them the pleasure of changing different clothes.

"What about starting a Mini-market at the cliff edge? A few hats and some clothes might attract people to come, " Mr Scott suggested. Mrs Scott agreed.

Early the next morning they set up the place with dried maize stalks and hung some hats and clothes. It was a new day for Mr and Mrs Scott as they spread out different clothing to start up a business that may connect them with friends.

"I know this Mini-market will become something big in the future," Mr Scott said while checking one of the clothes. Mr Scott smiled "our daughters would be proud of what we've achieved after they've all left" she replied. They kept working while awaiting their first customer

"Let's give our first customer a discount, " she suggested.

"Absolutely, " he agreed.

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