The lone night: A picture is worth a thousand word

"There must be something wrong tonight" Joy whispered into Faith's ear, "look" she said pointing at the clock with a woody frame "it's just 8:00pm". Faith stared at the clock and wondered what point joy was trying to make, she shrugged and resumed playing the game.

"I mean the street out there" she said as she slightly opened the curtain to give faith a glimpse. It was at that moment Faith realized why joy had been scared. The street of India is always busy with buyers and sellers until it was 10:00 pm but it was just 8:00pm and everyone had gone inside with no single person roaming the street.

Light bulbs from the surrounding houses lightened the lonely street, the chirping of crickets could be heard from afar filling the silence that dropped. Fear engulfed faith as she glance through the street only to be welcome by silence

"I think something is wrong" she mumbled with a faint tone

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There had been rumor of a wild wind which had led to people fleeing, but that had been like a week ago. Maybe she's outdated with information she thought as she stared at the lonely street continually scared of the unknown.

"We need to be guarded," Joy suggested. While joy was setting up guard, Faith switched on the television hoping to hear what was happening. One of the news headlines was "the lone night" she switched to the station immediately

"Tonight is a lonely night, respect the moment. Let's assume there was an apocalypse and zombies were roaming around the street, how best would you protect yourself. Fight the zombies by staying indoors?"
The Newscaster said after which he let out a laugh. Faith sighed, and resumed playing the game

"There's no zombies anywhere to imagine" she said, "I rather enjoy the lone night playing how to fight zombies" she added.

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