The gods Must be crazy|| Five Minutes free write

Amazed, he watched at the log of woods carved into a baby shape.
"This wood here told you to starve?" he asked to affirm that which he had been told.
"Yes, that's the gods", Jide replied.
Amadi laughed throwing himself on the floor.
"The gods must be crazy, it has forgotten to tell you how starving yourself for a month can kill".
Jide stood puzzled by Amadi's words that seem to him like sarcasm.
His ancestors passed down to his father had always believed the gods are all-wise, Amadi must be running mad to have assumed the gods crazy, maybe the little education he had acquired is making him mad, he thought.

Once again Jide looked at the carved image, sitting still with no emotion. There's a sense in what Amadi had said, I'm surely going to die starving myself unsure if this wood here could even talk to have passed a message through the chief priest. The gods must be crazy he affirmed, it seem to desire my death. He seized the fast and eat to his fill.


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This is a 5 minutes free write by @mariannewest using the prompt "the gods must be crazy" post Link

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