Pic1000: god of Thunder

Sophia was envied among her sisters, she was the only one whom the gods had given a gift. She could command thunder and this made her the most powerful woman in a time of war. As days went by, the envy among her sisters grew, they felt Sophia was taking all the glory and them not being recognized. They planned a conspiracy against her and it led to her banishment. They had assumed Sophia's absence would create a space for them to be noticed, not for the gift which they didn't have but their beauty which was astonishing.

The village of Ur started to face defeat in battles. All their treasures were looted and their valuables were ruined.

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The people of Ur were made slaves, and were taken to a land where they were strangers. Sophia's sisters regretted their actions, they never got the admiration they sought for, and once became slaves soon after. Only in their exile did they know Sophia's gift was a blessing to them. They prayed day and night that someday Sophia will come for their rescue.

What I see and Feel about the picture

I see a young lady on an open field. She is seen commanding thunder from the sky and by this i believe she has power to call forth thunder from the heavens. The story above is inspired by the image and my thoughts about the same image.

This is in response to the Contest by freewritehouse. The contest is still active for participation.

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