Lucas, The meditator: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Lucas was a Buddhist meditator who lived on the other side of the sea in Napoli,the quiet waves of the sea was his muse. He was a hairy man with dreadlocks. He rarely shaves with the belief that nature has the truest form of a man. Lucas believed the act of meditation connects him with his true self, so each time he needed answers to complex questions, he went down to the beach filled with Marble stones. There he sat with his legs folded into the other, his eyes closed avoiding distraction until he could connect with his spirit.

People knew him as the spirit man, his lifestyle was quite different from that of others being a man who enjoyed solitude. He believed his act of meditation had helped him know who he was beyond his name and urged people to do the same.

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People perceived him to be weird, not fascinated about science or any of its inventions, he preferred using natural means to solve problems.

"Science is the cause of the world's problem" he blames each time, he believes if everyone could give themselves to meditation, it will solve most of their confusions about life.

While he visited the beach he wrote books on the act of meditation and sent them out for free to people hoping to have followers who would also practice his worship. As time went by people started to comprehend the messages he had been sending across all the past years.

They visited the beach hoping to partake in what he had wrote in his books. They sit quietly and try to meditate and soon they find some refreshments in doing so. His followers increased over time but even at that they never accepted his culture of living the natural way.

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