Hydrotherapy: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

"I've been feeling pain and stiffness around my body" Lilian said to the doctor who sat quietly listening to her complaints.

"I think you need hydrotherapy " he responded after thinking for a while.

"I'll refer you to a therapist who specializes in it," he added. Lilian looked dazed as she stared at the doctor puzzled , she has never heard of hydrotherapy but had assumed it has something to do with water.

"It'll work, it's something you've not seen before" he said when he realized how confused she was.

Lilian met Mr Gregory the hydrotherapy Doctor, he was aged but still looked strong. It amazed her. She couldn't believe a man of his age could still do the things that he does.

"What's your secret?" Lilian asked.

"The water therapy, I do that every three months"

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If it makes Dr. Gregory this energetic even at old age, surely it would be a good therapy, she thought.

"Follow me" he said while leading her through a tunnel. She looked at the beautiful decorations Dr. Gregory had placed them on the walls of the tunnel as they walked past it. She was amazed how nicely he had selected the paintings and the materials used for the various decorations.

At the end of the tunnel was a stream connected with some mechanical devices.

"Walk into the stream to the other end and lie with your face up" Dr. Gregory told Lilian. She did as she was instructed, gradually she started to feel the water wave hitting the areas where she felt pain and stiffness. The process enveloped her whole being that she became lost in the moment lying in the water with her eyes closed.

"How do you feel now?" He asked three hours after the exercise.

"I feel refreshed , the pains and stiffness are no longer there" she said, waving her hands and kicking her leg.

"I'll always come here for this kind of therapy " Lilian said as she bid him goodbye handing extra cash to him in appreciation.

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