Five minutes freewrites: It never happened

Gladys a tall beautiful lady lied on the bare floor with a torn dress and a loosed hair crying and pointing at the man standing next to her, on her was underwear stained with blood as she rolled in pain.
"It's obvious this man had raped her" one of the men standing amidst the crowds said.
" Don't be quick to judge" replied Doris
Doris walked up to her,
" What wrong miss" trying to cover her exposed skin.
"He raped me"
"Never" the man replied quickly as he noticed the people dashing toward him. "She had fallen off a moving tricycle" he added.


The people stared at themselves confused about which story to believe.
"He's lying"
The young man fell hard on the ground as someone punched him before he could speak.
"Stop! Stop!, It never happened. There are bruises on her knee that showed she fell" Doris retort.

This is My entry to today's five minutes freewrites from @mariannewest prompt "it never happened"

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