A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Mr. Steve was frustrated how terrible the traffic jam in London has become. He was old and weak. Staying in traffic for hours was becoming discomforting for him, some days he arrived at his place of work very late and it started to interfere with his punctuality principle.

"I need to find another means of mobility" he told himself one fateful evening. The class system in the city was something he needed to consider on which scooter to get for himself. His frail nature demanded that he get something easy for him to drive.

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He drove his scooter along the walk path at a slow speed, this time grateful he wasn't hooked up in the traffic. He wore his black oversized jacket with his bag wrapped around his shoulder as he drove to work which was about 10km from his residence. It wasn't easy for him the first two weeks learning to drive on the scooter which was small when compared to his height.

"I like your new ride Mr. Steve" one of the workers said to him.

"Thank You, it's smaller in size but at least it'll help me get to work in time" he replied. Soon he started to enjoy his new form of mobility.

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