A picture is worth a thousand words

Dan looked at the small office and was satisfied with the look. He was known to be a minimalist who enjoyed something simple and nice and yet cost less. He had just relocated to Sweden where his office was relocated to.

"I need a small office with not much decor" Dan had told the head of department before his arrival. After much thought she arranged an office with a touch of yellow painting and no special design. Dan loved it the moment he had stepped into the office. It was almost the same with his former office.

"Thank you for this, it's perfect"

Photo by @wakeupkitty

The office was located close to the entrance, because his work is like that of a desk officer. It was easier to attend to customers and refer them to places where their services were offered. The organization was just opening and they needed professionals on the field who were knowledgeable in the duties of customer support and services. Mr. Dan was recommended and he seems to be good at the job. In the office were two chairs, a desktop computer, and a shelf. It was just the exact kind of office he wanted.

What I see and Feel About the Picture

The picture shows an office with not much decor painted in yellow and a glass door. In it is a chair facing the door. I suspect the office is new and the occupant of the office wants something simple with not much decor. He might be a desk officer or something related to having his office positioned just immediately after the entrance.

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