A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words// The book of the hadzabes

It's been 60 years since the Book containing the history and magic power of the hadzabe tribe went missing. The Tonga people had invaded their land and the only way to keep their secret hidden was throwing the book down a cleft when they realized they were surrounded. For 60 years, the Tonga people searched for the book day and night around the cleft, lighting candles when it was dark but found it not, it was a book that contained power to make them immortals and this, the hadzabe people were trying to avoid. No one knew where the book was, but the remnants who survived the attack were determined to find the book and once again restore their lost glory.

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It was a book of few pages with no inscription on the cover page, the pages of the book were immune to decay and this idea about it gave them the willpower to search after it. Jeffery and Goro sneaked into the valley at night, they had no knowledge of how the book looked except the story told to them by their father who was now frail.

Inside the cave, Jeffery saw an opening which allowed little light into it but the rock laying on another made it look as if it was a wall. A little push and the blocks gave way, the inside was wide with cobwebs twined around the walls of the cave, he cleared the cobwebs as he made way into the room. On the other end of the room was a book covered with cobwebs, it was laying on a wide table made of mud.

"I think this is the book," Jeffery said to Goro who was still trying to push away the scattered woods.

They dust off the dirt and open the book, "yes! We found it" Goro said , written on it was "THE MYSTERY OF THE HADZABE TRIBE"

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