A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Happiness

The picture below reminds me of my childhood, those moments when we went to the stream with my peers to swim. We had no worries, all that matters at that moment was the fun we had swimming and we love every little thing with no concern for the big things. I looked at the picture and wished I could go back to those days when our burden was little and playing was all I did.

Story Inspired By The Picture

Ade's laugh could be heard in the woods as he chuckled everytime Williams and James splashed water on him. He squats in the shallow river that was below their ankle and bathes while the other boys run around in the river playing with the water. It was Saturday morning, the women had gone to the market and the men to their farms. Ade and his two friends decided to go to the stream as they often do to swim.

Photo source

The stream was not crowded this particular day. The surrounding was lonely and extremely calm except for the chattering and laughter of Ade and his friends.

"Wait, I could hear footsteps approaching," Ade, who was still squatting under the water, said. Williams and James stayed calm for a minute and when they didn't hear any footsteps, they started to ridicule Ade for being fearful.

"Don't be this feeble, even when rats walk you hear footsteps" Williams Said as they laughed and continued playing in the water.

Williams who was still standing noticed the grasses around them shaking

"Who's there?" He asked.

The boys became alerted, the adrenaline in the blood increased and their eyes bulged out as they scanned through the lonely forest.

"Who's there?" Ade asked with a cracky voice, fear written all over his face as a shadow approached them growing taller as it came closer. The boys started to move backward in the direction they kept their clothes. The boys sighed in relief as a rabbit popped out of hiding with nuts.

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